Wooden Venetion Blinds

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Elegant, warm, natural

Bring the outdoors in

Ideal for light

Control & privacy

Easy to Clean

Dust or simply wipe

Simple to use

Controls make them ideal for filtering light

Wooden Venetion Blinds

Wood blinds bring the outdoors in - beautifully!

Using wooden blinds is a great way to bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home or office. Stained and painted slats allow you to complement or match your existing furniture and deco, while avoiding the fuss of introducing colours or prints through hanging curtains. Easy to keep clean and dust-free, wooden blinds are also relatively stress-free to maintain as well as being durable.

The major advantage of wooden venetian blinds is the assistance they provide in regulating the temperature of your home. In summer you can keep your blinds open to allow in the light and sunshine, while in winter they can help insulate your home keeping it warmer and cosier.