Cascade Blinds

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Stylish & Modern

Give your home a new look

Easy to manage

Velcro for easy removal


The mounting brackets are of nickel-plated steel

Not hemmed along the edges

When handled with care they should never fray

Cascade Blinds

Elegant and stylish Cascade blinds from Glamour Blinds. Our folding blinds range is composed of luxurious cascading fabric perfect for any window.

We have a wide range of Cascade blinds. Our collection of Cascade blinds includes many different types of Cascade blinds, from lining to patterns, fabric to sizes, you're sure to find the perfect blind for your window. There are many things to consider when purchasing your window blinds. Perhaps a key aspect would be the room that you are planning to update with some Cascade blinds. A great way to decide on this is to consider the benefits of this style of blind and match this with your requirements.

Our cascade blinds are not hemmed along the edges. When handled with care they should never fray.